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About me...

"Ow do Mon!".  Which is Shrewsbury talk for "Hello friend".


I'm Anna, the owner of Chezzanna Choc n Bakes and am based in the historical town of Shrewsbury. 

Being a trained chocolatier and self taught baker, I have trained with some of the UK's chocolatiers and spent time working with established chocolate companies in London.

I have also been fortunate by receiving one to one training from an experienced pastry chef in France. 


Combining my knowledge and experience with chocolate making and baking, I decided to start making cookie dough and have been hooked ever since!

My cookie dough is made with a specialised heat treated flour and is egg free, so, is very safe - and yummy - to eat straight form the pot or the slice! My cookie dough is not made for baking, just eat it how it is, grab a spoon and dig in!  But, I do have a selection of cookies to choose from if you want a cookie! 

You can Follow me on instagram and Facebook too so please do say hello!

Thank you and enjoy your cookie dough, cookies and/or chocs!

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