our cookies...

Double Chocolate

cookie Canyon

Delicious chocolate cookie with milk chocolate AND dark chocolate.

chocolate chip cookie

Crispy round the edges and soft inside. 

'time oat'

oat and sultana

Oats and sultanas in a delicious cookie.

Raspberry Ripple

White Choc chip

White chocolate and a hint of caramel chocolate mixed with the fruitiness of raspberry is a match made in heaven.

The biscoff cookie crumbles

Biscoff spread & caramel chocolate cookie with white choc chips and Lotus biscuit!

Nuts for Nutella

Chocolate chip cookie with a Nutella choc filling

Kinder Cookie

vanilla & white chocolate cookie with Kinder Buenno and chocolate buttons

Bakery style

Milk chocolate chip bakery style cookies - these are slightly softer but with a lovely crispy edge