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Gimme Cookies

Cookie Dough with real belgian chocolate chip cookies and milk chocolate chip pieces.

Choc Brownie.jpg


A brownie batter dough with dark choc chips and brownie fudge pieces! Just yum!

peanut butter cookie dough.jpg

I Do Believe It's Nut Butter

Nuts about this one! Peanut butter cookie dough with milk choc buttons, peanut brittle, and hunky chunky peanut pieces.



Disco Dough is full of fun! A vanilla cookie dough with a mix of marshmallows, fudge pieces, white chocolate chips and sprinkles!

dough re me.jpg

'Dough, Ray & Me

Creamy cookie dough with white choc buttons, curls and ganache! Smooth and yummy!


Mrs Hazel Nut

Meet Mrs Hazel Nut, a delicious hazelnut praline in cookie dough with caramelised hazelnut pieces and milk choc chips.


Dough - Cha - know

Scrummy cookie dough with a salted caramel, caramel pieces and milk chocolate chips. Pass me the spoon!


Not Ganache you again!

A delicious safe to eat raw cookie dough with chocolate ganache and chocolate chips. Pure indulgence!


Let's Cake It! 

Cake batter dough that tastes like cake & has vanilla cake pieces in it too followed by white choc chips & cake sprinkles! 


I'm Dough Tasty GF

A vanilla flavour Gluten Free cookie dough with dark choc chips & milk choc curls.  

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